Equity Management for startups

Administer cap tables and equity grants for free on EquityList.

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Built for growing companies

Designed to scale from Day Zero to thousands of employees


Paperless Management

E-signatures and a secure document hub makes due diligence easier for future financing rounds and potential acquistions.

Free ESOP Documents

Use the free EquityList ESOP document generator to set up an ESOP program with best practices and minimize legal fees.


Building ownership

Equity compensation is an important reason employees join startups. EquityList helps employees understand the value of their grant, the terms, and keeps them informed with vesting dates, exercise options, and tools to see how the value of their grant might appreciate as the company grows.

Single Source of Truth
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Keep your cap table
organized and up to date

EquityList replaces the web of emails, PDFs, and spreadsheets with a single streamlined platform to manage cap tables and employee stock option plans. Employees and Investors can easily view their positions and associated documents.

All in one solution

A one stop shop for equity management.

Designed to scale from Day Zero to thousands of employees



Cap Table Set Up

Cap Table Import

ESOP Grant Import

ESOP & Cap Table Consultation


Issue Options / SARs

Custom Vesting

Grant Letter Generation

E-Sign Grants

Exercise Requests

Value Calculator

Tax Estimator

Employee Access


Cap Table Management

Equity Shares

Liquidation Preferences

Convertible Instruments

Investor Access

Financing Modeling

Secure Data Rooms


Spreadsheet Export

Granular Permissions

Law Firm Access

Valuation Tracking

Investor Updates

Compliance Reports

Accounting Exports

* Startups & Employees may need to consult tax and accounting experts as needed

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Getting started.

We will learn more about how far along you are with your grant program and cap table setting up and administering an ESOP plan

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We'll collect/import your existing cap table and backfill any existing equity grants into EquityList.

Build Ownership.

You now have a single source of truth for equity ownership and easy to use workflows for the finance team, employees, and investors.